If I Ran It: Profit-Driven Fund (Part 1)

If I Ran It is a thought experiment series on my blog where I think about how I would run a company/fund if I was in control. Its hypothetical (for now). Previous entries in this series can be found Here and Here

I spent a large chunk of the

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Interview: Nasdaq Spotlight With Mario Armstrong

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The New Black History: Opportunity and Inspiration in Computer Science

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The new black history that I’d like to see in the world is one where young people of color are inspired by technology and given the opportunity to pursue that curiosity in depth.

My earliest memories

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Why Networking Is Not Overrated

Why Networking Is Not Overrated

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How an introvert networked their way to a few million in revenue

Theme Song: Rise and Shine — J. Cole

I caught a conversation last week started by Naval Ravikant of Angelist (hi
Naval, lets talk sometime

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When Great Trees Fall: Eulogy and Tribute to Dr Enid Denbow

Eulogy by Frank Denbow II

alt text

The former Enid Lucille Wilson was born on August 3, 1921 to parents, Edwin and Verleigh Wilson. She was one of three siblings who resided with her parents at Hadfield Street, Georgetown. The young Enid Wilson attended St. Joseph’s High School after which her

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Alternative Funding Sources for Startups

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Less than 1% of startups raise venture capital funding. Here are some opportunities for the rest. Feel free to comment with other resources and I’ll update the list.


One option if you

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