I enjoy working with early stage companies via Sage Labs to help them get outside perspective on how new users see their product. Past clients include Riley, IPINFO, Jackpocket, strongDM, and others. Some areas of focus:

Customer Research

Completing customer interviews with current or potential customers to find the pain points that matter to them. These key product marketing points can be turned into landing page copy that converts and product enhancements to better serve customers.


Analyzing your onboarding flow to see if users make it to the magic moment of your product. Ensuring a first time experience that gets them to come back.

Data Analysis

Using your internal analytics, user session data (Mixpanel, Full Story, etc), NPS surveys and other data, I can look through to see where users drop off, and find ways to reduce churn.


Have given feedback to 100s of entrepreneurs (some of their feedback here), personally and through mentoring at HF0, Entrepreneurs Roundtable, NY Fashion Tech Labs, Parallel18, and Ignite. If you're a startup and you want feedback on your onboarding / first time user experience, fill this out. If you need feedback on your investment deck, fill this out.

If any of this is interesting (or if you just want some free initial feedback on your app) feel free to reach out frank [at] sagelabs [dot] co