Why Networking Is Not Overrated

Why Networking Is Not Overrated

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How an introvert networked their way to a few million in revenue

Theme Song: Rise and Shine — J. Cole

I caught a conversation last week started by Naval Ravikant of Angelist (hi
Naval, lets talk sometime

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When Great Trees Fall: Eulogy and Tribute to Dr Enid Denbow

Tribute by Frank Denbow III

There is no greater influence on my life and perspective than my Grandma Enid. As has been said already, she was accomplished in her work in medicine and her contributions to the field in Guyana. Her success was a source of inspiration for myself and

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Alternative Funding Sources for Startups

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Less than 1% of startups raise venture capital funding. Here are some opportunities for the rest. Feel free to comment with other resources and I’ll update the list.


One option if you

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If I Ran It: Angel Investing (Part 2)

Updating my list of companies that I find interesting and would invest in with my imaginary angel fund.

This is a continuation from the first post.


How is the portfolio doing?

Namo Media - Bought by Twitter for 50M

Tailwind - One of 7 companies using Pinterest's Business Insights

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If I Ran It: Angel Investing

I’ve been reading a lot recently about angel investing (highly recommend Brian Cohen’s new book: What Every Angel Investor Wants You To Know) and I thought I would play armchair angel and talk about companies that I think are interesting that I would probably invest in if I

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BASE High School Mentors

This year, the Bronx Academy for Software Engineering (BASE -
http://bronxsoftware.org) opened up its 4 year high school. It is a sister school to the Academy For Software
Engineering (http://afsenyc.org).

BASE is looking for 30 male mentors to connect with the students. It is
done through

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